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Positivity in Lockdown


Be positive


Lockdown what is it exactly?

I don’t know about you people but I didn’t even know this word before in my life. I know it’s heavy word “lockdown”.

So according to my little knowledge lockdown is all about staying home all day, there is no way to go outside, no outdoor games, no meetings to our friends, no office, no school, no college, and so on.

I know it’s bad, it’s terrible & depressing, full of negative thoughts, we can’t even imagine our lives without these things.

The very first question raised in my mind was, what will we do now in our homes?

And honestly, I didn’t know the right answer, so I used my phone, watch television, dramas, and so many things, but you know what, deep down I was so scared, don’t know why.
Maybe, it was lockdown’s fear?

Sometimes I used to get frustrated and irritated or angry for no reason or sometimes I used to get upset about small things.

I started thinking about how can I overcome this all.

Many questions were there.

What will make me satisfied? How can my mind be at peace? What makes me really happy?

These were the question which I should have raised earlier, but soon all things were clear.

For me, dancing, writing, cooking, writing poems, baking cake, these all were the things that made me satisfied. Then I did spend most of the time with my parents, my siblings rather than the phone. I was happy inside.

You can also feel positive in this lockdown I know you might be thinking it’s kind of impossible because of the corona. But do what you like to do, what makes you happy, spend more time with the real world rather than the virtual world.
You can always find a light in the darkness. Find your shine in the darkness
As you all know that negativity reaches very fast in our mind but don’t forget you have your own Power House of positivity inside you can defeat this darkness with your light of positivity.
So from now on do it your way. Make each day beautiful, make your morning and night wonderful. Always wear a smile on your face.

Written by - Shweta Jugran

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